Construction Work of High Quality in Siuntio and Across Uusimaa

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Established in 2006, construction company Mexipal Ltd carries out construction work with high-quality craftsmanship. We serve flexibly in Siuntio and throughout the Uusimaa region. If needed, you can also hire us for projects elsewhere in Finland and other Nordic countries. Our previous projects include Finnair's airport parking hall and the West Metro.


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Professional Concrete Work

We specialize in concrete reinforcement for both residential and industrial buildings in Siuntio and across Uusimaa. With nearly twenty years of experience, we serve companies and individuals with professionalism.


From small to large and challenging concrete works, we employ proper work methods and use modern equipment.

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Exemplary Formwork

Need experienced professionals for formwork? Turn to construction company Mexipal Ltd. We serve you in Siuntio and throughout Uusimaa.


We expertly construct formwork for concrete structures, including large-scale forms. Detailed planning of formwork is integral to our construction project planning.

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Reinforcement Work

Looking for skilled professionals for reinforcement work in Siuntio? We handle all tasks related to reinforcement installation promptly. We expertly bend, cut, and segment rebars of various lengths.


We use efficient cutters and other necessary tools in all reinforcement work to ensure high-quality results.

Professional Installation Work

We have experience in various installation tasks! So, when you need help with installations in Siuntio or elsewhere in Uusimaa, turn to Mexipal Ltd. When a professional handles installations, you can be sure they will be done right the first time. You'll always receive fast and professional service from us.