Construction Company Mexipal Ltd Serves with Extensive Experience in Siuntio and Elsewhere in Uusimaa

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Construction Company Mexipal Ltd serves with almost twenty years of experience, quality, and professionalism in Siuntio and the entire Uusimaa region. If necessary, we also work elsewhere in Finland and in other Nordic countries.

Constuction company Mexipal Ltd

Construction Company Mexipal Ltd is a company founded in 2006, specializing in cast-in-place techniques and concrete frame structures. With nearly twenty years of experience, quality, and professionalism, we have performed concrete work, formwork, reinforcement work, and installation work.


We specialize in concrete structures with very challenging form heights and loads. We mainly use our own formwork equipment, which is specifically designed for demanding structures.


Our staff has ranged from 40 to 180 personnel depending on the project, and for larger projects, we have also used subcontractors as needed.

We can serve your construction projects with quality and timeliness, as well as optimize the construction costs of concrete work.

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